Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Wynell Road nest box installation

10 Stimpson nest boxes were installed on the side of a block of flats in Wynell Road, Forest Hill, courtesy of the London Fire Brigade.  Wynell Road has an existing swift colony and putting up boxes is an attempt to increase the size of the colony.

The building is owned by Lewisham Homes and they agreed to the boxes being installed.  (They also own the Burnt Ash Road buildings which have been the subject of swift nest conservation over the past year, so we're delighted that they're prepared to engage further).  The walls were inaccessible by ladder so Lewisham's Ecology Officer approached the Fire Brigade and they agreed to install the nest boxes using their aerial ladder platform.  The Fire Brigade treated it as a training exercise as it gave them the opportunity to practice using the equipment off-site and they also went door-to-door to neighbouring properties offering smoke detectors.

The presence of fire engines was quite an attraction - most passers-by stopped for a chat to find out what was happening.  It was also fascinating to talk to the fire brigade crew and witness their camaderie and banter.

With many thanks to Forest Hill White Watch for their hard work, and also to Lewisham Homes and Nick Pond.

The boxes are visible from the top of Wynell Road at the junction with the alley.  Fortunately they are on a windowless wall so the human residents won't have their privacy invaded by people looking up at the nest boxes!

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