Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Swift sightings in Lewisham: mapping on Google Maps

Lewisham Swifts is inviting people across the London Borough of Lewisham to look out for swifts and report sightings to us.  This will help to broaden people's awareness of swifts and help us to find more swift nesting sites.

The sightings are being plotted on a Google Map which is visible to everyone on the internet.


The map has three layers:

Blue: reported sightings in 2018

Yellow: nest sites that Lewisham Swifts are aware of

Reddy/pinky colour (note to self: next time choose a colour with a name 😉): nest sites that have been recorded on the RSPB Swift Survey.  This has revealed nests we didn't know about and has also shown that we know of nests (eg Burnt Ash Road) that haven't been recorded on the survey.  So this year we can focus on surveying these nests and recording them on the RSPB Swift Survey.

The map has been online for nearly two weeks and already has around 40 recorded sightings.  As well as showing us where swifts have been seen, it also indicates our 'reach' to residents across the borough and where we need to publicise more.

If you see swifts in the borough please report sightings to us by e-mail: 

lewishamswifts (at) gmail.com

Please let us know the:

- location (road name or nearest road junction if it's a long road)
- number of swifts
- date and time of day
- height they were flying (eg high in the sky or roof level)

Swifts flying at roof level and screaming can be an indication that they have nests nearby.  Ultimately we want to find nest sites so that we can inform the building owners and advise them how to preserve the nests.  And hopefully they or nearby residents might want to install nest boxes and try to increase the size of the colony!

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